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Our Philosophy

We know that successful people are constantly bombarded with solicitations, free offers, advice from “financial celebrities,” and an avalanche of information from print, television, radio, and the Internet. How do you cut through all the noise and get the advice you need to make good decisions?

All of our clients have multiple advisors and some planning in place when we meet them. Sadly, the traditional approach of having separate advisors in each area of their financial life often creates conflicting strategies, which can have catastrophic consequences. At the very least, the lack of coordination and communication between the various advisors can cause missed opportunities, unnecessary expense, and puts the burden of achieving results on the client, instead of the people they’ve hired.

Since 1990, the professionals at IFG Wealth Strategies have been providing custom tailored advice to our clients by first listening to what is important to them. Only after we know what makes a client unique and what they care most about are we able to use the tools at our disposal to help them reach their goals. Our job is to then bring our specialized experience and our team of tax, legal, investment, and accounting professionals together to develop unique solutions to meet our clients’ needs.

We provide the coordination with the client’s other advisors
to take the burden off the client and strive to generate the results they expect.

There is rarely only one correct answer to the challenges our clients face. Our proprietary planning process, The Total Wealth Solution™, helps to uncover all of the available options. Together with our clients, we rule-out strategies until we have the unique plan that helps each client reach their goals.