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Retirement Planning: The Strategic Retirement Option™

We invented The Strategic Retirement Option™ to provide business owners and successful families with a structured process of defining retirement on their terms and putting the pieces in place to reach their goals on time. Most important, the retirement date is not the end of the process! It’s really the middle, since the typical retiree is likely to live 20 to 30 years in retirement. Accumulated assets need to provide the desired lifestyle, grow to keep pace with inflation and weather market downturns, and provide for increased expenses due to health concerns.

Even the most successful people typically have what we would call a “passive retirement strategy.” Simply put, they make a good living, spend less than they make, and assume that the assets they build will be enough at some point to allow them to stop working and live comfortably. Very few have actually calculated how much they will need and the damage that inflation, market volatility, and health issues can do to their plan. In addition, other than a company plan like a 401(k), many people have no other tax-favored retirement vehicle, which can make saving for retirement harder.

Previous generations could rely on social security and company pensions for a secure retirement. The modern retiree must take control of their financial future and often fund their retirement with their own money. The Strategic Retirement Option™ helps ensure that our clients know what they need to be financially independent, pay as little tax as possible on their retirement assets, have the right plan(s) in place to guide them toward their goal on time, and help keep them at the lifestyle they’ve planned for as long as they live.