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Our Services: Overview

Our concept of Total Wealth Planning focuses on creating proprietary strategies to help our clients accomplish their goals in the three phases of their financial life:


Building wealth using detailed goal setting, cash flow management, tax minimization, and portfolio structuring.


Helping to protect wealth from lawsuits, creditors, divorce, taxes, changes in health, family changes, world events, and market downturns.


Transferring wealth during life and at death to reduce taxes, preserve family security, and leave a lasting legacy for the people/causes that matter most.

Total Wealth Planning requires that all three of these financial life phases be looked at and planned for concurrently. Our approach is contrary to the traditional method which relies on separate advisors dealing with parts of the plan. The traditional method puts the burden of coordination on the client and, inevitably, creates large gaps in planning and poor results.

To address the planning process correctly we’ve developed The Total Wealth Solution™, a comprehensive approach to goal setting, challenge recognition, and strategic attainment of client objectives. The Total Wealth Solution™ focuses on the areas that our clients have the greatest need in: estate planning, charitable giving, tax planning, retirement planning, investment planning, and business transfer and exit planning. The Total Wealth Solution™ addresses these needs through the combined use of six proprietary strategies: