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Our Process

The Total Wealth Solution™ is based on a time-tested process of goal setting, challenge recognition, and strategic attainment of client objectives. The five steps in the process are as follows:

The Total Wealth Diagnosis™

A comprehensive review of the client’s current situation including where the client wants to be financially at certain predetermined future dates, what challenges could prevent them from getting there and what opportunities they can exploit to reach their goals.

The Total Wealth Engagement™

After determining the impact to their personal and business condition that The Total Wealth Solution™ can provide, the client decides to engage our services.

The Total Wealth Solution™

Unique to each client’s situation, challenges, and goals, The Total Wealth Solution™ is a detailed game plan focused on developing the appropriate strategies to accomplish client objectives.  The plan may include the following modules:  The Family Legacy Process™, The Charitable Benefactor Advantage™, The Tax Choice Advantage™,
The Strategic Retirement Option™, The Absolute Return Portfolio™, The Business Owners Transition Plan™

The Total Wealth Activator™

The Total Wealth Activator™ helps to insure that nothing falls through the cracks and that the client’s goals are met on time and on budget.  We assist the client in coordinating the strategic, legal, tax and product elements of The Total Wealth Solution™.

The Total Wealth Update™

An annual review of client objectives, the changing environment and new regulations.