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Tax Planning: The Tax Choice Advantage™

We developed The Tax Choice Advantage™ based on a very simple premise: “You should decide what you want your taxes to be instead of just paying what an advisor tells you to.”

Most people believe that high taxes are the inevitable result of high income and a large estate. Surprisingly, even the highest income earners we meet have done little to proactively control either their income or estate taxes. In addition, traditional advice is often limited to just accelerating deductions or deferring income.

By combining our experience with the other elements of your Total Wealth Solution™, we can create opportunities for reducing and/or deferring income taxes and reducing or eliminating capital gains and estate taxes in ways that traditional advisors can’t.

Our combination of techniques and complimentary benefits generates opportunities that leave many clients amazed and very happy. The savings resulting from The Tax Choice Advantage™ could potentially be in the tens of thousands for income taxes and/or millions for estate taxes.

“The amount of tax you pay is a cost you can control.”