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Business Planning: The Business Owners Transition Plan™

More than half of our clients are owners of closely held businesses. Most of them spend so much time working in their businesses they have little time to work on plans for the ultimate sale or transfer of their business. Often they address these issues very close to retirement, when their options are limited.

We created The Business Owners Transition Plan™ to help our clients plan for the sale or transfer of their business far in advance of the transfer date. Maybe we’re working with a family business and we need to design a strategy that allows the parent to retire and the children to take over, without the burden of large payments. Or maybe there are multiple owners and we need to make sure the families and business can survive the retirement, disability, or death of one or more owners.

In every case, The Business Owners Transition Plan™ helps our client’s develop an exit strategy that is custom tailored to his or her situation. The issues addressed in the plan are:

  • Transfer of control
  • Income tax reduction
  • Capital gains tax reduction / elimination
  • Retirement cash flow needs
  • Treating nonemployee children fairly
  • Management of sale proceeds
  • Business valuation

The Business Owners Transition Plan™ makes it possible for our clients to exit their business on their own terms, with minimal tax impact and maximum financial confidence.